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Study Skills and Motivation Workshops
Hosted by Melbourne University Kwong Lee Dow Scholar, Highschool Dux and Current Year 12 Student Kiana Mei

Sydenham Neighbourhood House - April 2023


Want to feel in control when it comes to studying and exams?

Wondering how to stay motivated? Or organised? Do you have goals you want to achieve?

Increase your confidence, be inspired and motivated, and get ready to kick some goals in this practical workshop.

Hear from a young entrepreneur and current Year 12 student...

I will be sharing how I have been able to to run multiple businesses and still achieve success in my academic studies throughout highschool. Be inspired and unlock your potential to thrive and succeed during the teenage years!  

This workshop covers:

  • How to find sources of motivation and maintain this through secondary school. 

  • What study techniques and habits helped me to be awarded Dux and achieve 40+ study scores in Year 11.

If you are based in Victoria and would like me to come to your school, local library or community centre, please get in touch with me via the chat box below. 

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